Special Events

Exclusive & Corporate Events, Proms, Reunions, Holiday Celebrations, Birthdays… and more!

Birthday Parties

Want to make your next birthday party extraordinary? How about throwing a party with your own professional DJ! Music and Dancing! We can provide everything you need to make it awesome and fun including lights, lasers, and custom playlist!

Holiday Bashes

A Christmas Party, New Year’s Party, or any other holiday get-together is a great place to hire a DJ. Make your affair elegant and illustrious. Holiday music and dancing! If you want it, we can do it.

Themed Dance Parties

You can plan a lot of fun parties around a certain theme or style of music. How about a Fifties Sock Hop with lots of Swing Music and Rock & Roll? Or a party themed around your favorite era’s music, such as the Eighties, Disco, Classic Rock, Reggae, Latin/Salsa/Meringue, Hip-hop, R&B, or anything else you can think of.

We are committed to offering an outstanding experience. Our diverse talents allow us to facilitate the planning of your event, to help you choose the most appropriate music, coordinate the schedule, and of course to DJ on the day! The utmost goal is to make sure that your event is a big yet smooth success! We are with you every step of the way!

With hundreds of parties under our belt, an amazing breadth of music, and an exceptional ability to read the crowd, we make sure that your guests are truly satisfied and impressed with the music at your party. With a wide array of music to choose from, we guarantee to make your special event enjoyable, energetic and most importantly memorable.

Still looking for a venue? Here are some of our favorites!  If you are based locally and you are hosting a very simple party, we may be able to offer you a lower price.