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“It was just perfect! We just couldn’t quit dancing. You had all of our favorite music, we just couldn’t stop!”

– Tim & Diane 

“I would have never dreamed that my guests and my family would have ever filled that dance floor, but from the beginning it was packed. Thanks for a wonderful time. We will definitely suggest you to our friends.”

– Bob & Wanda W.

“Fantastic sound and light’s, it was like being in the same room with my favorite groups. Loved the special cloud of fog we danced on during our first dance. We’ll be sending you pics soon. I have more friends getting married, and I know that they will be calling you. Many thanks!”

“My friends told me, don’t let this night end, it’s the best fun that we’ve had since college. We’re already planning another party. We will be calling soon! We couldn’t have asked for more, the excitement of my friends was worth everything. A fantastic evening. Thanks for all of your suggestions!”

– Mr. & Mrs. Collins

“Song after song this night went by so fast, we had bunches of fun! We really loved the train song. I’d say that it’s the longest train that I’ve seen stretching all the way back to the bar. I’d love to do it again.”

– Barbara R.

“The sound was perfect. Not too loud and not too soft. Very enjoyable!”

– Tom B.